Duplicate Codes Are Important for Automotive Locksmiths

What Automotive Services Does Automotive Locksmith Service provide? Automotive locksmith services can include: key duplication, including key publications, key codes, and transponder key duplication. If you have a lock that is locked by an immobilizer, key duplication ensures that you have a duplicate lock, allowing the vehicle to be unlocked from any location with a valid code.


Most locks will come with a code that is needed for unlocking them, even if it is locked by a keypad lock. A key duplication service will also duplicate these codes for you if you need to unlock the vehicle without the key, or if you are replacing an existing lock on your vehicle. When duplicating codes, Autotive Locksmith service first checks to ensure that it is a duplicate code and then checks the data in the lock to make sure it matches the duplicate. Once it is determined to be a duplicate, the technician will ask for a temporary key to duplicate the code so that it can be used on your new lock.

In order to duplicate a code, a technician will insert the duplicate code into the key fob, which will be attached to the ignition of your vehicle. Once the key fob is inserted, the technician will turn the key in reverse until it starts to turn and lock. The technician will insert the new key into your vehicle.

As you can see, there are many reasons that Autotive Locksmith Service is beneficial. There are many different locks that are used on vehicles throughout the world. Some have universal locks that work with all cars while others use specific locks that are designed for their own country. With this in mind, having an experienced service technician to provide you with a duplicate lock is helpful. They know how to make the lock copy as close to the original as possible and therefore will be able to duplicate the code to a certain degree, making it easier to unlock your vehicle.

Many times a duplicate lock will be used on a lock that is attached to a vehicle that is stolen or that is broken into. This allows the vehicle owner to be able to unlock the vehicle with the vehicle’s serial number, not knowing that the lock is broken or stolen.

Duplicate Keys are also provided when the original keys are lost or stolen. Having duplicate keys can allow the vehicle owner to be able to get into the car to make repairs or for their vehicle, even when the original lock is broken or stolen. This is especially useful to an owner who may be traveling. They can have a duplicate key with them in case their original lock is stolen. It is also useful for emergency situations, like a lock that is broken or stolen, to be able to unlock a vehicle quickly with the right information and code.

Another situation in which a duplicate code is valuable is when the owner wants to lock the vehicle. For example, if the car’s owner is going to be at work and cannot lock the car, they can have a duplicate code installed to make sure that their vehicle can be unlocked without the correct key or code. A duplicate code can also be useful if the vehicle is left in a parking lot, or if the owner is traveling.

With all of the reasons that Duplicate Codes are important, it is easy to see why having a duplicated code for a lock is important. When it comes to unlocking your vehicle a professional will know the best way to duplicate the code and help you unlock your vehicle safely and securely.