Tips on Finding the Best Corporate Catering Services

Having an onsite corporate catering business that makes connections with various tenants and becomes familiar with their favorite food service tastes and preferences, can cut dining expenses, create great first impressions on guests, and create a fun, albeit entertaining corporate catering experience even when it’s just an all-day affair. But as the food service industry continues to evolve and local caterers are becoming more knowledgeable about guests’ dietary needs and dietary restrictions, the cost factor will become even more important. A good idea is to have a range of options available from local caterers and restaurants to offer food choices to suit all guests at a corporate catering event. If one caterer is unable to provide the full range of options, it may still be possible to customize foods for a variety of guests by offering alternative menu items. For instance, if there is a guest who cannot eat red meat or who has allergies affecting red meat, a vegetarian or vegan option might be a better choice.

Another great way to save money on corporate catering services is to have the event planner look into discounts that can be offered for repeat customers. Frequent clients are often given a discount for being a repeat customer, so ask the next event planner you contact if they can find any deals. If the caterer is a long-term customer, ask whether there are any loyalty discounts available. This could include any number of things, from providing the same decorations and services to giving an extra bottle of wine to their regular customers. Another option for frequent customers is to offer them special pricing on smaller orders. Even a discount for a single additional bottle of wine would be appreciated.

While corporate catering companies tend to stay away from lunches that include alcoholic beverages, they do serve many different types of alcoholic drinks at lunches. One way to save some money on alcohol is to offer your caterer the option of having them serve alcohol-free lunches. Many caterers will be willing to work with you on this.

Another way to save money on corporate catering is to avoid ordering a luncheon and then waiting to have it delivered. Most event planners are used to dealing with requests such as these. A large catering company may only deliver as much food as requested by the client, and it takes time for them to plan out meals once the meeting or conference has begun. Ask your corporate catering provider if they can give you a suggested amount of time they recommend you should have the event prepared, and take that into consideration when making your orders.

Many corporate catering services offer a variety of interactive stations for customers to visit. These interactive stations can add a degree of fun and interactivity to what would otherwise be a very business-like lunch or seminar. If you can determine which interactive stations you want included in your order, you may be able to get your caterer to include these stations at a lower cost than you would find on your own.

Ordering corporate catering for a corporate event can be one of the most time-consuming parts of organizing a corporate event. But when you take the time to find the best corporate catering company that you can, it can also be one of the most enjoyable parts. By taking the time to ask questions and put some thought into your order, you can ensure that you and your guests are happy with the results of your corporate catering services.